thank you for dropping by my awesome blog... my name is jennifer and i love all things art, photography and artsy photography. 

when i was thirteen i started to document my life with my mom's 35mm slr (that's film photography...just in case you were wondering).  twenty-two years later ~ yep...go ahead and do the math :) ~ and i have my bachelor's and master's in photography.  oh! and every day i also get to teach advanced darkroom and digital photography at new trier high school in winnetka illinois.  seriously folks, i LOVE what i do and feel blessed each and every day that i get to share my passion with aspiring young artists. 

photographing people has always made complete sense to me.  whether it be documenting weddings, family portraits or individuals, i geek out over retelling stories through my photos.  i love experiencing love, giggle fits and raw moments of joy.  i love my photojournalistic approach, but am comfortable and confident in my experience to helping you figure out how to stand, lean, + sit too. 

i have been described as a big-fat nerd and an uber-friendly girly-girly.  i adore my film cameras, but have a rockin' arsenal of digital equipment.  i still exhibit my photography in galleries and enjoy beautiful and serendipitous  moments that unfold before me.  i love the feel of amazing paper and the smell of darkroom chemicals (and you understand me if you have ever worked in a darkroom).  i have also been known to squeal when i find perfect natural light.

i would love to sit down and talk more about life, love and photography.  let me know when and where and i will be there...  just send me an email :)

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