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congratulations... booked a photography session with jennifer jackson photography!  you must be super awesome!!  what now?  after fielding all sorts of pre-photography session questions and concerns from my clients i decided to put together how-to tips and tricks to help you better prepare for your session...

i am definitely an artist and i approach each and every session and wedding like a new work of art (read: i do not have go-to gimmicks that i make my clients conform too).  i want you to feel natural, to be yourself and to feel beautiful during our session and let's face it, not everyone wants to jump in a photo :)

when we first meet, from the second we start to talk i am looking for that inner you.  i embrace what makes you tick and want to highlight that.  often times i think we are too quick to jump on the band wagon and emulate something that is trending instead of highlighting what makes up perfectly unique and exciting...what makes us stand out.  i want to share your story truthfully.

with that being said I want to address a trend in photography that can be really cool when done well and that is the use of props.  props can include chalk boards, banners, umbrellas, fake mustaches, etc., but they definitely are NOT for everyone.  i address the pros and cons to prop usage in my blog post: to prop or not to prop? that is the question.


now let's talk about wardrobe...

what to wear, pack, layer? what color, pattern, texture? formal or casual? these are questions i get all the time. and the answer is really simple. i like to shoot two looks; one really formal (night out in chicago) and one that is dressy-casual (like a friday night date night...but still in Chicago).  i also like to suggest that my clients shy away from matchy-matchy outfits because in reality we don't dress like that.  if my husband were to walk out of the bedroom on a date night wearing the same baby blue button down and pair of khakis as me i'd definitely make one of us change...and by one of us, i mean him :)  (p.s. the b.b. butoon down and khakis are a metaphor...i own neither).  instead i have my clients choose color schemes that suits the season and their personalities, and then i have them add accents of color and pattern in the form of scarves, jackets, etc....

another suggestion i make is to wear what your are comfortable in and preferably something you already own and have worn prior to the session--or at least practiced wearing prior to the session.  now is not the time to try out a new pair of 4 inch heels for the first time...  more importantly, if you would normally rock said outfit then it will look and feel more comfortable and this all translates through the camera which in turn makes you look and feel * insert adjective here * (gorgeous, sexy, professional, fierce, handsome, cute...).
finally, check out my blog post: what to wear?, to learn more about layering clothing, pairing patterns and textures and color schemes.  AND, stalk my pinterest and my blog as will i continuously offer suggestions for photography session style and preparations...cheers!


location + time of day + weather...

it is highly recommended that sessions take place as close to sunrise or sunset as possible.  the light at that time of day is absolutely magical and you will honestly thank me later when you see the results :)  

the locations we choose for your session should speak to your personalities, interests and relationship.  i suggest places that have meaning to you; your favorite park, ice cream shop or your front steps.  if you don't have any ideas, just ask, i am continuously scoping out new locations and have several places i love to revisit. i will find amazing backdrops that allow your inner you to shine!!  if you are looking for an indoor urban-loft vibe let me know.  i have worked in an amazing studio loft space on chicago's south side numerous times and that space is available to rent.  contact me about pricing.

i photograph all year...this is chicago afterall...and let's face it, we cannot wait for the weather to cooperate with us. i love the snow and making snow angels.  i adore light drizzley days and splashing in puddles. i go crazy for beautifully diffused light on the cloudiest of days. and well, you already know how i feel about sunsets and sunrises. 

lastly, when in doubt ask questions.  i am here to help!

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