Sunday, October 14, 2012

Heather + Andrew | Geneva, Illinois | Backyard Wedding Reception | Hawaiian Destination Wedding

the destination wedding is near and dear to my heart.  eight years ago my husband, shawn, and i took the leap in santa barbara, california at the biltmore (four seasons) in front of 19 of our closest friends and family.  sharing in that moment with only a few other people is something that i will never forget.  you could hear each and every individual voice reacting to each and every moment and those audible and visual memories are forever imprinted in my heart.  

now, i am not saying that every wedding should be as small and intimate as my own...or a destination wedding for that matter.  i have witnessed the same level of love and awesomness occur at weddings of all sizes, and to be able to document those memories is nothing short of amazing...and why i LOVE what i do.  what i will say is that no matter how big or small, make your wedding your own and it will be fabulous!!

ok...i may be a bit biased on the topic having experienced the small destination wedding first hand, but for me the second best part of that scenario was getting to come home and have a huge celebration with friends and family that could not attend the actual wedding.  this is exactly what heather and andrew did in mid-september this year...

heather and andrew were married in hawaii in august this year in front of seven of their closest friends and family.  upon their return they held one of the most elegant backyard wedding celebrations i have ever laid eyes on.  i think my jaw literally hit the ground when i came around the house and saw the backyard.  the groom's mother brenda was to blame for the amazingness and this woman has the magic touch!! 

bold black and white details were balanced by whispers of hawaiian accents and even the puffy clouds in the sky above paid hommage to the floral arrangements below.  moveable feast, based in geneva illinois, catered the event.  they are home to oprah's favorite fudge brownie and their food was nothing short of spectacular; oprah herself would be proud!!  they have a way of not only synthesizing flavors, but their colors are vibrant and enticing.  as a food photography geek it's safe to say i was in heaven.  brenda, yep...mother of the groom, made a million italian cookies and confections from scratch and adorable hat boxes with black and white ribbon were placed beside the desserts so guests could fill them with goodies.  a coffee bar fit for a king was adorned with fancy liquors and a glass pitcher of milk chilled on ice.  

photographing this event was like the best game of hide and seek ever...with every turn the concept and designs came together.  there was so much love and support for heather and andrew and it was so much fun to hear them retell their story to their friends and family throughout the night... 

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