Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby's First Year | Chicago Photographer | Jennifer Jackson Photography

capturing a baby's first year is one of the more exciting aspects of what i get to do.  i am humbled and honored to be invited into the homes and lives of such amazing people in order to document their baby's first year of life.  these moments are so tender and precious and something i do not take lightly.

eirene found me through a feature on daily candy and within minutes of meeting her i had fallen in love with her no nonsense awesomeness.  eirene, like myself, knows what she likes and isn't afraid to speak her mind which, to me, is very refreshing!!  eirene is also one of the most loving mothers i have ever met and to watch her interact with her boys over this past year has been nothing short of amazing.  AND because eirene's fav pics are b&w, i chose to create an all b&w blog post...

~ jennifer

in the belly. we used well's naked nursery as a backdrop.
3 weeks. he loves to be swaddled.
3 months and so happy!
6 months and moving!
9 months and into everything!! 
1 year and running and climbing and...LOVE the tie!
what a beautiful family!!

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