Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sucre | New Orleans | Magazine Street

OMG!  the engine in our car is still warm from our drive north and i could not wait to share some of my favorite eats we had on our trip to new orleans!!  and what a trip we had!  

seeing as today is easter i wanted to start with our new favorite sweet boutique in NOLA, sucre! and honestly, this may have just become our favorite sweet shop in the world. [no exaggeration here folks -- just try it and you will see].

we took the st. louis trolley out of the quarter and into the garden district so we could walk all the way back on magazine; it is a healthy walk, but the boutiques, architecture, coffee shops and yummy eats along the way are worth it!  NOLA is definitely a city best viewed by walking and the people are AH-MAZING!

sucre is located on magazine street at 8th and this is a must stop if you are visiting NOLA!  they are known for their french macaroons and their chocolate, but they also offer homemade gelato, marshmallows and sundaes to boot!  

my husband and i are suckers for french macaroons and have made it our life's mission to find the perfect macaroon.  the title was once held by pierre hereme in paris, whose macaroons and pastries are nothing to scoff at, but there is something really special about the flavor profiles at sucre; they really put a smile on your face.

we chose to get the box of 8 macaroons and ordered two each of the chocolate, bananas foster, carrot cake and salted caramel.  the carrot cake was by far my favorite; it screamed *i am carrot cake* and the textures were a perfect balance of chewy and fluffiness.  the salted carmel was not as aggressive as other salted caramel macaroons i have had other places, but it was still delightful.

the bananas foster and the chocolate were also a great choice; although i secretly wish we would have opted for the  box of 15 so i could have tried the other flavors which included almond, hazelnut, strawberry, and pistachio. 

towards the back of the boutique is a vitrine filled with homemade chocolate creations that we could not pass up.  

we opted for the box of 8 and chose two each of the sicilian pistachio, the avery, the malted milk, and the meuniere.  
the meuniere, shaped like a fleur-de-lis, contains brown butter folded into white chocolate ganache and encased in dark
chocolate and, although i do not typically enjoy white chocolate, this actually ended up being my favorite :)  

sucre is the perfect place to find gifts for everyone!  their website makes it easy to order, and their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly if you have any questions along the way.  

this will definitely be one of ours stops in NOLA from now on...

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