Saturday, June 15, 2013

Strawberries + Anise Cookies | Trastevere + Testaccio Finds | Rome, Italy

ciao bellas! thank you for stopping by my blog :) 

this will be the first of many yummy food and art related blog posts from our travels in roma -- italy that is.  

today i wanted to share with you two amazing things that made me smile.  the first are chewy and absolutely flavor packed anise cookies from forno la renella in trastevere.  we had eyed this adorable shop last year, but never had the chance to pop in.  today the beautiful baked goods and amazing pizza displayed in the window got our attention and so we finally headed in.  

there were several yummy finds, but seeing as we had already had lunch we were only looking for a sweet afternoon treat. omg! the helpful staff at la renella jumped in to explain all of the cookie varieties -- chocolate, red + white wine, coconut, lemon, etc., but the anise cookies hooked me instantly.

if you are in trastevere you have got to grab some baked goods here [ and some pizza too -- will review the pizza later ]. 

the texture of this cookie was spot on; slightly crunchy on the exterior and chewy + light on the inside.  the anise was bold without being overwhelming which made me happy! i only wish i had gotten one more, but hey, i am here for a month and need to pace myself.

going, going, gone. forno la renella anise cookies. trastevere, rome

today we also ventured over to the newly renovated testaccio market.  the new location is pretty awesome compared to the former AND, as in most things in rome, it sits a top an archeological dig site.  at one point the market floor opens up and you can see down to the old wall of the city and tables filled with pottery shards and other artifacts.  most romans walk by, but this nerd had to stop and gawk -- so much so i forgot to take a photo...HA!  alas, i will be back to get some more good eats at this market filled with true, friendly romans! definitely make this a "must go" on your list if you are in rome for a while!!

at the market today my husband, shawn, got some beautiful cherries and i grabbed a basket of sweet mini stawberries.  believe me, it was hard to not grab everything in site; homemade ricotta filled ravioli, squash blossoms, fresh calamari, peaches, zucchini, shoes [ ummm, yep, shoes ], frittatas with asparagus, etc.  i honestly had to keep reminding myself that i CAN go back.  but for tonight, strawberries and cherries will pair perfectly with our meats and cheeses  :)  buon appetito y'all!

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