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Lace Wedding Gown DO'S and DON'TS |

I want to start by thanking Grace, from, for creating this guest blog post!!  And thank you to Shelly too; for reaching out to me for the feature :) It makes me so happy to work with amazing wedding professionals! Enjoy!!

[ Dos and Don’ts for Lace Wedding Gowns ]

Ok, this needs to be said, because one of our staffers absolutely hated lace wedding gowns and was dead set against a lace wedding gown ever touching her skin. That is, until she found the dress of her dreams, which was lace from top to bottom… and she loved it! Now she admits that she gave lace wedding gowns a bad rap, but most of the ones she had seen previously resembled a doily or something from the turn of the century. Fortunately, there are ways to make sure you don’t commit these fashion faux pas on your wedding day. You just need to know the dos and don’ts of lace wedding gowns.

Do Buy if…

~ It Has a Sleek Silhouette.

A sleek silhouette is what makes a lace wedding gown look elegant and modern. We think the best silhouettes suited to a lace gown are empire, such as our fabulous Emma gown, and trumpet, like the Elise gown. Choosing a sleek and gorgeous lace gown will have you looking fresh and fabulous as you strut down the aisle. 

~ Keep it Simple!

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have any embellishments with a lace dress, just make sure you don’t go overboard. A simple, but elegant ribbon tied at the waist, as seen on the Melinda gown, is perfect. A ribbon, plus huge rhinestones, plus huge pearls are just too much to handle. If you find a lace wedding dress that incorporates all of this year’s trends, avoid it like the plague. Unless the Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” look is what you’re going for. 

Don’t Even…

~ Overload Your Accessories.

Accessories can make or break your wedding day look, which is why you should choose them last. If you have a beautiful dress with just the right amount of embellishment, you can still strike out if you pair that elegant dress with a statement necklace and chandelier earrings, not to mention an overly-embellished veil and tiara with your hair styled into mounds of curls. Delicate jewelry and elegant hair is de rigueur for a dress of that caliber.

~ Think Lingerie!

The biggest cardinal sin you can commit is selecting a dress that blurs the lines between day and night. If your guests are left wondering if you decided to walk down the aisle in your honeymoon lingerie, you have a problem. Try and be as tasteful as possible when choosing your lace wedding gown, and save the lingerie look for later! 

Even after centuries of use, lace is still captivating, elegant and oh-so-pretty. However, that beauty can quickly turn into a beast if it isn’t treated with the utmost respect. Just remember these four easy rules to stun your groom and your guests for all the right reasons.

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