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Antico Roscioli Forno | Rome, Italy | Pizza | Click + Eat

there are several different types of pizza one can experience in italy; and rome, in my opinion, has some of the best...

there is thick, foccacia-like crusts, thin cracker-like crusts and crusts that fall in-between. EVERYWHERE you look there is pizza for sale and it is hard to pick through all the places and truly find pizza that will change your life. hopefully this post will help you out!!

my top three places in rome [in no particular order] are...

  • gorgeous foccacia crust and lovingly doused with the most flavorful olive oil
  • pizza al taglio [by the slice] and by the weight
  • known for their unique flavors and fresh ingredient combinations
  • featured on anthony bourdain's, the layover: rome
  • prati neighborhood -- perfect before or after you visit the vatican
  • long lines, but worth the wait! take it to go or stand and eat if there is room

  • the bestest cracker crust pizza in the world! seriously!
  • individual pizzas with the most erfect char on the crust! 
  • ADORE the marinara [fresh tomato sauce with roasted garlic--NO CHEESE]
  • located in testaccio neighborhood
  • sit where ever they put you
  • worth the trip to this awesome neighborhood!

antico roscioli forno [the place i am featuring in this particular blog post]
  • crusts differ in thickness depending on what you get
  • fresh ingredients!
  • LOVE the rosso [tomato] and the fresh mozz with tomato and basil
  • this place is also a bakery and the ricotta chocolate cake is divine.
  • pizza al taglio [by the slice] and by the weight, but watch the scales -- they accidentally doubled out cost one day!!
  • centro storico -- near the campo de fiori
  • stand and eat outside or take it to go

above: antico forno from the street

above: rossa pizza. crisp cracker crust

pictured above + below: mozzarella di bufala, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil

fresh campo de fiori market finds!! right up the street from antico forno

thank you for reading my post.  please comment below. ciao :)

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